Rocks 4 Autism | Emmalynn's Journey

It has been a long time since I last wrote about Emmalynn and her Journey, but I am going to try and make this a much more weekly thing as she just grows so quickly! However, lately I have been thinking about getting her a new blog (yes I know another one), but this time it would be her very own (for Emmalynn's Journey) and it will not be connected to my Business Blog at all (that's a plus right!). I've also been thinking about starting a Facebook Group or even a Facebook Page for her, but I am not sure what your thoughts are on that one. Would you guys join? Would it make it easier for her updates? Right now we have an Emmalynn's Journey Instagram, so if you have one make sure you follow us, but not everyone has one of those. So thoughts on a facebook group or page?

Anyways, let's talk about why I am writing today. I am writing today about Rocks 4 Autism, actually this is something that I came up with when I was writing the first blog post (the one that I accidentally erased) and thought it was pretty awesome! Rocks 4 Autism comes from that awesome new Rock Trend that is happening. (If you haven't heard of it, click here)

I wanted to try it out with the kids to see how Emmalynn would do with it. I wanted to get her active and get us out as a family (even during ABA works for me because its a free activity). So, I went on a rock hunt so that the kids could pain the rocks and I found some pretty awesome rocks. Emmalynn had a blast paining and didn't even want stop, but she had painted all 15 of the rocks I brought home!

After getting her to let the rocks dry, we were able to head to the library and hide one. We actually hid one that I painted because it was actually dry, unlike theirs. We hid the rock at the West Bloomfield Library and after checking out some books (because the kids love the library) we went for a walk. Although we were only able to find rock, we are excited to hide it again!

Today I had another great idea and that was to put "Emmalynn's Journey" on the back of the rocks instead of "Southeast MI Rock, Oakland County Rocks, or another group I am in" because this to be would start to get people wondering what "Emmalynn's Journey" was. So, with them wanting to know, they will start some research on Google and Facebook and that is when they would find our page. Our page would lead them to Autism and Awareness and will show the journey of an autistic toddler girl! Pretty awesome right? It will show that not every child, including girls are the same (that is my goal here). Each child has their own journey, and this is Emmalynn's!

So, who is with us here? Who is ready to do some Rocks 4 Autism? We are ready to spread fun, joy and awareness for Autism are you?

emmalynn's journey.jpg