December 2016 | Emmalynn's Journey

As an special needs mom, life tends to slip by very quickly. I can't believe that it has been almost a month and a half since I last gave an update on Emmalynn. I promise I did not intend to wait this long, but with the holiday season everything just seemed to go by so fast. I feel like this year all of the holiday's went by so fast and honestly I wish we had more of them to celebrate.

This year I learned how much Emmalynn loves Christmas. In fact, we are 4 days into 2017 and Emmalynn is still talk about Christmas. She is talking about the "ringing bells" that Grandma + Grandpa had in their driveway. I think this is something she maybe talking about until next December when they put these bells back up for the holidays.

Besides the holidays, we got to enjoy Emmalynn's 4th birthday. Can you believe that she is 4, I know I can't! Where did my little baby go? She has grown up to be such an awesome sweet little girl and a smart one at that. This year we did things a little differently as she didn't take well to her brother's birthday party. Instead we held two separate gatherings where we basically just had fun with cake and presents.

The first "party" was a week before her birthday and although it sounds crazy we did a 9am cookie decorating day! Emmalynn had so much fun decorating her cookies + the awesome Tsum Tsum cake that grandma made her.

Cake by Gayle Ringrose. Sprinkles by Emmalynn

Cake by Gayle Ringrose. Sprinkles by Emmalynn

The second get together was with the Lancaster side, but sadly we were all over the place and there were no pictures taken. I can promise you that she had tons of fun and was in love with her presents. Grandma Lancaster got her Tom Cat and if you know Emmalynn then you know this was the world to her.

With the new year, I plan to take a lot more photos of Emmalynn (Will too!) as well as blogging a lot more. It is important that I keep everyone up to date on her progress, plus I love share everything that she is achieving!

Before I sign off for the evening, I do want to mention that I did make it a goal to finally complete a Project 365. So far I am 4 days in and I am doing amazing. I wanted to mention this because Emmalynn is one of my main focus' as I want to show the everyday life of a child with Austim. Head on over and check it out!