Schwartz Family | Farmington Hills Photographer

Let me stop for a second to tell you that I am seriously the luckiest photographer in the world. My clients are always so amazing to work with. That's true of my session with the Schwartz Family!

I met up with them back in April for their Autism Mini session at Heritage Park in Farmington Hills. Although it was rainy we were amazing to capture some amazing images and we had such a blast in our short time together.

The Schwartz family includes Dad who works in Pediatric Neuro Oncology. Although he loves his job, he puts his family first. Mom is a stay-at-home mom, but she runs two awesome businesses; KEEP Collective and LuLaRoe. Benjamin is 6 years old and he loves Scooby Doo, Cars, and Trains. Anna is 2.5 and loves anything girly; purses, baby dolls and frozen.

We love to take day trips to visit new places, or simply take walks around our neighborhood during the summer.
— Suzanne Schwartz (mom)

Although the Schwartz family is a hardworking family, they love to spend time together as much as they can.

I hope you enjoy their session because I know I enjoy them every time I see them. Our session highlights are below, enjoy!

After having a session with me, Suzanne wanted to tell other parents not to stress too much. It's not always about getting the perfect picture. It's about capturing your perfectly imperfect family being their authentic selves, and having memories to last a lifetime.

Beckett 7 Days New | Farmington Hills Newborn Photographer

Back in April, Beckett's parents came to me about booking a newborn session. When I first received that email, I was super excited and I was ready to shoot. Mom did an amazing thing by researching early and booking early, but I was really antsy waiting for this little man to arrive. The waiting allowed me to plan, but I was all over the web looking for get idea's, that I ended up not using at all.


When it came time for Beckett's session, I was pumped and arrived early to set up. His super amazing dog brother was protective and made sure I did not hurt his baby brother. We did bean bag poses and lifestyle images before the end of the session. The great news is, Beckett made it a whole two hours and we were able to capture a lot of images. I am looking forward to watching this little man and his family grow together. 

How My Past Led to My Dream Business | Southeastern Michigan Photographer

How my past lead to my dream business

Welcome to my awesome new website!

As you can tell, it is much different that the last one and that is because this site expresses more me and more of Tiffany Ringrose Photography than the last one did. Throughout the last two years, I have seen my business and photography develop different, but for the better.

Throughout the years, I have really looked back on what lead me to photography. There was a lot of times where I am like oh yeah, I loved picking up a camera then, but what really got into photography was my High School Yearbook teacher. Joining his classes was not supposed to get me into photography, but I am so happy that it did.

After graduation, I started with Sears Portrait Studios. I thought I was awesome, but looking back I was far from awesome that’s for sure. After working a few years with Sears I left and started with Lifetouch National Schools; yes, I might have done your children’s school pictures at some point. I only lasted with them for a season due to my failing grades in school, which honestly I have always thought was important so I left to shoot once again at the studio. After a while back with Sears, I started to realize that there was no room for me to grow within the company. That’s when I bought my first DSLR; a Nikon D3000 and started to shoot on my own. At this time, I did not do it full time nor did I take the time to invest into my education and into learning my equipment to help myself grow. However, I still thought I was amazing and awesome.

Oh, we will have to dig out these images from this phase! Haha.

While still shooting on my own. (I was basically shooting and burning) I took another position as a photographer with JcPenney Portraits. This time I honestly can say that I learned a lot more working with that company than I did with Sears. In fact, I actually liked working for them until I realized once again there was no room to grow within the company and I decided that was it; it was time to do this on my own. That was back at the beginning of 2012 and well, let’s just say that didn’t go as planned either. That’s when I found out that I was pregnant with my daughter and knew that it was no time to start a business of my own. I couldn’t bring a child into this world without any money, so I decided to take on a nannying job to the best 3 children in the world. When I say best 3 children in the world, I mean it. These children have done nothing but love me, my husband and our daughter. Let’s not forget their mother too. Their mother is the strongest women I know and has been through so much; I look up to her so much for being so strong and doing whatever she had to do to support those 3 amazing children she has.

Throughout all of this, I have learned that photography was in fact a passion of mine. However, I have also learned that this industry is a hard industry.  The industry is hard because it is over saturated with photographers because it is so easy to head on over to Best Buy and grab a camera. Photography is not about the camera, but about who is behind the camera. You cannot get beautiful artistic photos by pushing a button, it takes a lot more than that. As your photographer, I promise you that

1.     You will get those beautiful artistic photographs because that is what I strive on. My personality really shows within my images because I want to make your session fun. Your session is about you, so I want to make sure that is shown without your session

2.     My passion for my business and your photographs, will allow me to get the perfect images for your family. My purpose for Tiffany Ringrose Photography is to “build a record of life’s most amazing moments, one piece at a time” and I want you to be a part of that.

3.     As a mother, I know how expensive custom photography can be, but I promise that I want to make all sessions affordable. This is why I have decided to keep all of my photography all-inclusive which means that with your session fee; you will also receive digital images.

As we all know, as a photography I love photography. However, there is so much more to me than my love for photography. I love all things country; from open land to country music. My photography does reflect this as well. My brand is more rustic and I tend to shoot a lot of woodsy areas and I love that.

Now you know a bit more about me. I’d love to learn more about you. Tell me one thing you are passionate about and one thing that no one would ever guess about you. With all of this exciting news, I would love to welcome you back to check out the blog for some awesome sessions, behind the scenes peeks and even some mini sessions that are coming up!