Ben + Heather | Michigan Engagement Photographer

I recently photographed Ben + Heather in the lovely Detroit and Berkeley. These two are getting married on June 3, 2017.

Ben + Heather met through work. Heather was doing an inspection at his work and once he saw her, he knew he had to ask her to get coffee sometime. Knowing both Heather + Ben, this was something I did not know about them. I thought that was a super cute way to a women’s heart. Want to know what is even more awesome, Ben hid the ring in a roll of toilet paper. Ben has such an awesome sense of humor and that is what Heather said landed her.

I am super excited for Ben + Heather as they are getting married at the beautiful C Castle Farms in Charlevoix. Not only are they getting married here, they also get the castle for their reception. As a couple they have decided to use BJ’s catering Company for all food related to that night and they have hired one of Ben’s friends as the DJ.

Let’s put all of their wedding details aside and take a look at Ben + Heather’s super adorable engagement session. I am not going to lie, I had so much fun with the both of them during both of their sessions!