Dakota is 1 | Plymouth Child Photographer

Dakota is 1 | Plymouth Child Photographer

I want to know where the time has gone, like serisouly? I only met Dakota’s mom when I returned to work after my medical leave in October. At first I was a little nervous they were bringing another female into our office because we are in a male domated field, so it was weird. Looking back at it, I wonder to myself-why? just why? We have become such good friends and I am so glad that she decided to join us. I know that even outside of work (if something were to ever happen) we will stay friends!

However, that I am good friends with mom-I have photographed Dakota 3 times since November and I have seen her grow so much. I just want to know how heck she is going to be 1 on May 12th because it seems like I just met her for the first time.

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