Meredith Elaine's Birth Story | Michigan Birth Photographer

You’re in for a major treat tonight, as I’m sharing images from my recent birthing session with the Briggs family, who welcomed Ms. Meredith Elaine into the world almost 6 months ago.

Our session took place at St Joseph Mercy Hospital in Ann Arbor, and I with this being my very first birth, I feel like I was able to capture these moments just how mom wanted me too!



Mom had planned for an all natural birth, but she did mention "Don’t have a plan there is is never a plan". I am not going to lie to you, she has a great point. Just because you have a plan doesn't mean it will go according to that plan. Megan (that's mom) had a wonderful plan, but after 36 long intense hours of labor; her plan was changed. In the end mom says, "I was relieved she was ok." After 36 hours and a C/Section, it is great to know your baby is totally okay.

Before her C/Section though, mom's water broke at home, thought I was just going to the bathroom. But nope! I remember getting the text at 6:30am that morning with her saying that her water broke and she was heading into the hospital soon. When she arrived, she was only dilated to a 1 and they decided to start induction. I mentioned to her that once she reached 4cm to give me a call and I would be on my way. We stayed in contact all day, but process was super slow for her. Around 10pm she told me she still wasn't progressing super fast, but at about 1045pm I got a text from her husband Jeff that she was 4cm.


I arrived to the hospital just about midnight. I was super excited because this was my first birth, the birth I had been wanting to shoot for 4 year. I could tell mom was tired and she was in pain. About 2-230am we finally got mom the epidural and she was able to sleep. As the next day arrived, everyone was tired and we still had no baby Meredith. We were hoping she would arrive sometime soon and just around 3pm the option of a C/Section was put on the table. At this point I knew mom was ready to have baby Meredith, but I also knew this is not the birth she wanted. As much as I understood that this was not what she wanted, I knew deep down this was the best option for mom and baby (not that it was up to me).


A short while later, Jeff and Megan made the decision to go ahead with the C/Section. Sad, I was unable to photograph the birth. However, I did give them the option of a Fresh 48 session or a home Newborn Session. At that time, they asked if they could talk about it once Meredith arrived as everything was happening at once. Of course, we were still all wanting to see this beautiful baby girl and they told me to go home and get some rest because baby Meredith would not arrive for another few hours (even when I told them I would stay to photograph them on the way down and to capture her once she got her).



Congrats to the entire Briggs family! What a sweet one you’ve added to your clan.