Beckett 7 Days New | Farmington Hills Newborn Photographer

Back in April, Beckett's parents came to me about booking a newborn session. When I first received that email, I was super excited and I was ready to shoot. Mom did an amazing thing by researching early and booking early, but I was really antsy waiting for this little man to arrive. The waiting allowed me to plan, but I was all over the web looking for get idea's, that I ended up not using at all.


When it came time for Beckett's session, I was pumped and arrived early to set up. His super amazing dog brother was protective and made sure I did not hurt his baby brother. We did bean bag poses and lifestyle images before the end of the session. The great news is, Beckett made it a whole two hours and we were able to capture a lot of images. I am looking forward to watching this little man and his family grow together.